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Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQs)

How does it work?
Please check HOSTs' information at Preview Host Farm. Once you are ready to start contacting the farms you will need to become a member to have access to the HOST's emails and phone numbers. To register please proceed to Join WWOOF Brazil Once you have joined you will receive a membership ID and the contact list of all the HOSTs listed with WWOOF BRAZIL to the email provided through paypal.

How much does it cost to join WWOOF Brazil?
When you join WWOOF Brazil, you pay a fee of U$38 that will be valid for one year.

Are there other payment options besides paypal?
We only accept PayPal as the payment method. Paypal accepts credit cards, cheques and bank wire.

Do I need insurance?
WWOOF Brazil does not require you to have insurance, but we highly recommend purchasing accident and health insurance covering you in Brazil and wherever else you will be travelling. Some Host Farms may require you to provide them with proof of insurance. Please contact your health insurance provider to see if you are covered. Or you may also purchase insurance here.

I am travelling with my friend/girlfriend/boyfriend. Do we both need a membership?
Yes, each WWOOFer needs a separate membership ID.

Do children pay a membership fee?
No. Adults travelling with children must simply let us know the name of the accompanying dependents as we will issue them a membership ID free of charge. Many farms may not accept guests with children, so be sure to check with your host before making any other arrangements.

How long can I stay at the farm?
Each farm has different minimum and maximum lengths of stay, but they generally run from one week to several months. Check with your host and be sure to establish the length of your stay before you arrive.

Who can join WWOOF Brazil?
Anyone 18 or over can join WWOOF. WWOOF Brazil members can be of any nationality.

Is WWOOF Brazil a volunteer work or a work-exchange programme?
Neither. WWOOF is run slightly differently in each country where it operates. WWOOF Brazil is not a volunteer work or work-exchange programme: It is an information service linking travellers with organic farms which promote sustainable farming by hosting travellers.

How many HOSTs are listed?
There are about 150 HOSTs listed.

Will WWOOF Brazil help me in case I have a problem?
WWOOF Brazil does not get involved with your safety and well-being at any time. WWOOF Brazil serves only as a good-will link between farms and travellers and does not evaluate the quality or validity of the programmes and facilities available at host farms. However, we may cancel the WWOOF Brazil membership of any host farms or travellers against whom a valid complaint has been filed. To file a complaint please go to Contact us. WWOOF Brazil highly recommends purchasing travel and health insurance.

Can I share my WWOOF member farm listing with my partner or with other travellers?
No. The Host Farm Listing is provided to you under the condition that it not be shared. Only WWOOF Brazil members may be hosted at listed farms. Travellers sharing information or farms hosting non-WWOOF members will automatically lose their WWOOF Brazil membership and may even be subject to legal action. Anyone contacting WWOOF Brazil host farms who is not a member of WWOOF Brazil may be banned from joining WWOOF Brazil and from visiting any WWOOF Brazil host farm.

Can WWOOF Brazil help me get a visa?
No. WWOOF Brazil will not get involved in any process having to do with visas or travel permits, and will not issue invitations, letters or any document to that effect. Most people from outside Brazil come WWOOFing using a normal tourist visa.

Can I travel with my pet?
In general, most farms do not accept pets. Check with your host first.

Do I just show up at the farm of my choice?
No. You need to first contact the farm of your choice, and verify that they can host you on the dates you want. You must also verify conditions and requirements directly with your host prior to your arrival.

What is your complaint proccess?
Complaint policy